ABIJAH (Heb. אֲבִיָּה; "YHW(H) is my father"), king of Judah c. 914–912 B.C.E.; son of rehoboam (on the identity of his mother, see asa ). In Kings, where he is referred to throughout as Abijam, it is stated only that he followed the sinful ways of his father, and that he was at war with jeroboam , king of Israel, throughout his reign. The Book of Chronicles, however, for its own theological reasons, unhistorically depicts him as a pious king who succeeded in wresting a sizable slice of territory from Jeroboam (II Chron. 13:19). According to I Kings 15:19, it is likely that a political alliance existed between Abijah and ben-hadad I, king of Aram-Damascus. Abijah had 14 wives, who bore 22 sons and 16 daughters (II Chron. 13:21). One source of information for the Chronicler on the reign of Abijah was the Midrash of the prophet Iddo (ibid. 13:22). -BIBLIOGRAPHY: S. Japhet, I & II Chronicles (1993), 697–700.

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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